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Our mobile app is all about making your banking experience as convenient and hassle-free as possible. Thanks to our app’s functional lay out, you’ll find everything you need where you expect it to be. Customer support, payment options, currency conversion, card handling, settings and personalization – find it all in our app.

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Fast payments (regular and irregular) in various currencies

Easy online financial statistics

Linking multiple bank accounts to an account

Mobile app

Novatum App is a virtual wallet that allows users to access information about the state of their finances & recent operations, quickly and easily perform any transactions, receive ongoing personal practical customer support, as well as benefitting from maximum customization for the convenience of each individual user.

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What's inside?

  • Opening an account (accounts) and operations with an account
  • Opening joint accounts
  • Card issuance (plastic/virtual) and card transactions
  • Replenishment of the card/account balance
  • Making various payments
  • Transaction history
  • App settings & Account customization
  • Customer support/care
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